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8 Crucial Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Decorating

Decorating your home can be extremely exciting and fun, but also really scary and daunting. There are so many mistakes that can be made that can make your home look weird, awkward, and small. Of course, no one wants their home to look like that, so it’s important to know a few simple rules to avoid it. It’s actually a lot more simple than you think and when you know the do’s and don’ts of home decorating you’ll easily be able to make your home look beautiful, grand, and luxe.


1. Don’t Hang Small Pieces Of Art On Large Walls

One of the worst things you can do when decorating your home is not hanging proper pieces on walls. If you have a small wall, then hang smaller pieces of art. If you have a large wall, hang bigger pieces of art, etc. If you hang something small on a large wall, the bare space around the art will dwarf it. It will look disproportionate and silly. Similarly if you hang a really large piece on a small wall space, it will overwhelm the wall and the space and will actually make your room look smaller than it is.

2. Do Hang Curtains High And Wide On A Window

There is a whole art when it comes to hanging curtains and drapes in your home. Where you place the curtains can make all the difference in making your home look grand and beautiful, or small and awkward. It’s important to hang the curtains as high as possible on the wall so that your room will look taller. You’ll also want to hang them as far and wide as you possibly can. When the curtains are fully opened, they should barely even cover the first few inches of the window. This will make your room seem wider and larger as well.


3. Don’t Use Rugs That Are Too Small For Your Space

Just like how you hang curtains in your home plays a huge part in making it look larger or smaller, the size of area rugs you use as well do the same thing. You never want to use rugs that are too small for your space. The edges of your rugs should always be floating under the furniture a few inches, or should extend beyond the furniture by a few inches or feet. Anything smaller will play an optical illusion and will dwarf your room.


4. Do Use Different Textures

To keep things interesting in your decor, you’ll want to mix different textures in your decor. Soft, fluffy, woven, leather, sequins, heavy, light, etc. This creates interest for the eye instead of looking boring and plain. It’s better to mix as many textures as you can.


5. Don’t Clutter Your Decor

When it comes to accessorizing your home with pieces of decor, don’t let it turn in to clutter. Sometimes we get too focused on adding more decor so things don’t look boring and then it turns into a clutter-fest. There ends up being accessories everywhere you look in every single corner of your home. Remember to keep things simple and it will look more beautiful as well as make your home look larger than if it’s cluttered with decor.


6. Do Use Color

Using color in home decorating is great. However, it can be overwhelmging for some people. I understand that it gets intimidating when it comes to decorating with color. If you’re afraid of color or simply want a neutral colored home, at least use little pops of color. This creates more interest for the eye instead of a boring plain room that’s all neutral in color.


7. Don’t Make Everything Symmetrical

For more interest when decorating your home, try not to keep things too symmetrical. One side of your room doesn’t have to look the exact same as the other side. I know this is natural and tempting to do, but it’s also a little boring. Instead, try off centering furtniture and art to keep things visually stimulating and interesting to the eye.


8. Do Pay Attention To Proportion

When it comes to the furniture you put in your home, make sure it’s in proporation to the size of your rooms. If you have a large room, use large furniture and if it’s a small room, use small furniture. I know this may seem completely simple and obvious, but sometimes we forget the most simple things and end up making our rooms look strange because of the size of furniture and decor we use.

Source:Life as mama

6 Ways to Keep God at the Head of Your Family


6 Ways to Keep God at the Head of Your Family

We know God through His creations, just as we know an author through his books.

With God, though, the creations are epic in scale—the universe, nature, the animals, and our very bodies, to name a few.

But just as every author has notable works that speak the hearts of the masses, so does God have his—the family.

Families reveal God’s character better than anything else.

The love between husband and wife allows us a glimpse at the love of God for creation, and the experience of parenthood gives us a look at how God feels about His children.

Family provides a structure in which we grow during our most vulnerable years, a place to get learn how to interact with others in safety.

Family is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and one of our best windows into His character.

This is only so, though, if we keep Him as the head of our families.

A non-Christian family can, of course, be perfectly happy—but because our actions are reflected through our worldview, it won’t be the active example of God’s character that the world desperately needs to see.

Consider these 6 ways to keep God at the head of your family, and be that beacon the world needs…

  1. Make Time For God

This admonition may seem like common sense, but it is foundational, and often overlooked as we go about our busy lives.

The simple act of meeting a few days a week at dinner to talk about God can make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to assign everyone a little homework—that includes yourself, your spouse, and your children. Read scripture. Talk about it.

God needs to feel close to everyone in a family—not just the abstract idea of a distant creator heard about on Sunday mornings, but a personal, loving God from whom we can learn how to best live.

Make time to allow Him to be an active part of your lives.

Jesus says, in Matthew 4:4, that we’re not to live on “bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

This means that we need more than the material, more than the everyday. We need spiritual nourishment.

Make time for God, just as you would a beloved family member, and He’ll begin to feel like more than a nebulous presence—He’ll be family.

Create the vertical relationship with Him, and it will flow into the horizontal relationships around you.

  1. Invite Questions

Invite questions of faith in your family.

It’s important to create a safe space where family members can ask difficult questions.

If your children question the existence of God because of something their friend told them He’s not real, or if they’re anguished over why God allows tragedy to happen, don’t get angry.

Get talking. God makes sense, and all of reality—and thus, all questions—will point back to Him.

You may have to educate yourself or reach out to outside sources such as pastors or theology teachers, but strengthened, affirmed faith is well worth it.

Putting up walls and making questions off-limits only fosters division and resentment—especially for children, but sometimes for spouses, as well.

This creates an environment where it is easier to simply walk away from God because secular answers become more satisfying.

God gave us intelligent, reasoning minds—satisfy those minds, and your faith will be all the stronger.

  1. Demonstrate Love

God loves His children in a way that none of us can understand, despite knowing our every errant thought, our every flaw, and our every imperfection.

Recognizing that love and striving to show the same in your own family not only creates a loving home, but provides an example of God’s characters to outside observers.

We should strive to love our spouse and children in an unconditional way—not only this, but we should make that love known. Our families shouldn’t have to guess—it should be apparent that they are well-loved.

And how can you do this?

You get to know your family. Find out what makes them tick, what they love, what they can’t stand.

Connect with them on these subjects.

Find out what your daughter is reading and read it, too.

Pick up that second controller when your son plays a video game.

Join your husband on that hike.

People are deeply multi-dimensional creatures, and having someone take a genuine interest in what makes you unique is one of the best feelings around.

Doing your best to actively love your family as God does sets a great example for others, and encourages your whole family to emulate this characteristic of God.

Don’t model the human brokenness which comes from attempting to lead by yourself. Place God at the top, and be the best family you can be.

  1. Serve Together

Modern life seems to conspire against togetherness—there are myriad ways to entertain yourself without any human interaction at all.

But families who engage in activities together are closer, happier, and communicate better.

Just as the trinity of God represents perfection in closeness, community, and communication, you should strive to be a human representation of the same.

What better way to do this than by helping others?

Your local church likely has numerous volunteer opportunities such as food drives, community cleanup, and other kinds of outreach programs.

This shows the secular community what Christians are capable of, drawing outsiders in.

If we take the example of Jesus, which Mark 10:45 tells us is, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many,” we know that serving others pleases God, so Honor him as a family, and volunteer.

  1. Address Problems With Grace

We’re human, and so problems happen within families.

James 4:1 asks the question, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?”

The fourth chapter of James goes on to list causes of conflict, most of which stem from differing forms of selfishness, and separation from God.

Resolving conflict in a scriptural way keeps God as the head of your household, not your emotions.James 4:11-12 reads, “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers.

The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law…” We are not to insult or speak badly of our family when they make mistakes.

Remember that the goal of problem-resolution is to keep someone from causing themselves or others harm, not to take revenge.

Guide, remind, and in the case of children, discipline, but take God’s example and do so with their good as the end goal, not their harm.

  1. Understand the Nature of Roles

God is orderly. He created the natural laws of the universe by which everything runs like clockwork, after all.

Scripturally, He created roles in families, as well.

The word “role” is contentious. To many, it represents a cage, or a set of inviolable instructions by which we must live, or face consequences. The scriptural truth? That’s not what roles are at all.

Let’s rethink the word. Every government, corporation, and organization runs on a certain hierarchy. If they didn’t, anarchy would prevail and nothing would ever get done.

For the Christian family, God is the CEO. He’s the president, right up there at the top.

While the roles of parents and child are fairly well-established and defined, the Biblical roles outlined for husband and wife are where the controversy lies.

Throughout history, many have interpreted scripture as commanding that wives be absolutely subservient to their husbands, who hold utter dominion over the family.

That’s not correct. The key here is found in Ephesians 5:22-24, “The husband is head of his wife as Christ is head of the church…”

Notice that this scripture doesn’t simply say that the husband is the head of the wife—it says that he does so as Christ is head of the church. This makes all the difference. Christ’s leadership isn’t merely dominion—it’s servitude, too.

Christ died for us. He was made humble flesh for us. He led through example, not force.

Yes—scripturally, the man should strive to be the leader of his household, but that leadership is not our idea of leadership—it’s Christ’s.

It’s leadership that comes out of love, humility, and communication, not tyranny.

Keep God at the top, in the president’s seat, and remember His version of familial roles—not man’s popular view.

Source:The praying woman

The Danger of Giving God Deadlines


It’s easy to get impatient and attempt to take matters into our own hands when we feel our prayers are going unheard.

Why does it seem like some people just ask and receive while others beg and plead with God, but to no avail?

I know, it’s hard to sit back and watch everyone around us continue to reap blessings while we sit back and wonder… when will it be our turn?

The problem with giving God deadlines is that God doesn’t move on our schedule. His timing is perfect. This is a lesson, I unfortunately had to learn the hard way.

12 years ago, I gave God a deadline. I was tired of dating all the frogs, I was ready for my prince charming,  and I was ready to get married and start a family with my future husband. During our many talks and prayer sessions, I would tell God I needed to have my first child before I turned 30 and I needed to have 2 more before I turned 35. Yes, I was totally telling God I needed Him to move on my terms. I was spitting demands like I knew what was best for me. Like He didn’t know my every thought and every wish.

I turned 30. Marriage seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t even in a relationship.

When I turned 35 I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to have kids. Not any biological kids anyway. I had even started to give up hope that I would ever be married.

Two years ago on my 36th birthday, I met my husband while celebrating with my family and friends at a local restaurant. 6 months later we were married. One year after being married, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Everything happened exactly the way I had always dreamed, but it didn’t happen when I wanted it to. In fact, I had my mind made up that this man couldn’t possibly be from God because I’d made it quite clear I didn’t want him after the age 35. I avoided him for a long time. I wasn’t just playing hard to get, I was determined to run this man away. But I didn’t.

My husband and I share a good laugh about it now. My husband always jokes “God waited until your deadline had passed to bring us together. That was His way of telling you “I don’t do deadlines“. Even though he says it jokingly, I think he is right.

Don’t get me wrong, we are to make our requests known to God. That’s not the problem. The problem is when we give God deadlines. We put time limits on His blessings as if we know what’s best for us or when it’s best for us.

The danger of giving God deadlines is… If we’re not careful, we can end up completely missing our blessings.

Source:The praying woman

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:6-7)

Les bonnes raisons de se mettre au vélo !

Si le vélo en plein air vous remémore le souvenir amer de ces longs après-midi d’été où seul le Tour de France avait droit de cité à la télévision, arrêtez tout ! Il n’y a que des bons avantages à enfourcher son vélo : se muscler, travailler son cardio, s’affiner, se détendre, faire du sport partout, tout le temps… Bref, le cyclisme vous veut du bien.

Faire du velo

Voici 9 bonnes raisons de se mettre à pédaler.

Quels muscles travaille-t-on avec le vélo ?

  • Le vélo permet de muscler les fesses et les jambes. 

Pendant une sortie vélo comme pendant une séance de running, les muscles du bas du corps sont constamment sollicités. Sauf dans les descentes bien sûr, mais comme une descente implique souvent une montée… . (Vous les sentez, ces cuisses qui tiraillent ?)

Le vélo permet de muscler les jambes, des mollets jusqu’en haut des cuisses, mais également les fessiers, en particulier quand on pédale en danseuse.

En plus, le vélo dessine les muscles en finesse : il ne s’agit pas d’une séance de musculation mais bien de cardio. Résultat : on affine et on galbe le muscle sans le gonfler.

  • Faire du vélo aide à perdre du ventre.

Faire du vélo ne sollicite pas directement les abdominaux. En revanche, la position sur le vélo implique d’engager la ceinture abdominale et d’être relativement gainée, ce qui, indirectement, participe à affiner son ventre.

D’autant plus que le vélo est un sport cardio, et qui dit sport cardio dit stimulation de l’ensemble des muscles du corps pour brûler les graisses. Résultat : les zones habituellement plus graisseuses, le ventre en première ligne, sont aussi sollicitées.

  • Faire du vélo, c’est se muscler sans abîmer ses articulations.

Le vélo est un sport « porté », qui décharge le corps de son propre poids. Par conséquent, faire du vélo soulage les articulations en leur épargnant les chocs.

Si vous cherchez quel sport pratiquer avec un problème de genou, vous avez trouvé !

En revanche, évitez les montées autant que possible, car elles impliquent de forcer davantage sur ses genoux.

Les bienfaits du vélo pour maigrir

  • Le vélo est un sport anti-cellulite.

Si vous êtes en quête d’un sport anti-cellulite, ne cherchez plus ! Le vélo étant un sport d’endurance, brûle-graisse et focalisé sur le bas du corps, il constitue l’arme idéale pour faire la peau aux capitons.

  • Le vélo pour dépenser des calories.

On met plus longtemps à être fatiguée lors d’une séance de vélo que lors d’une séance de natation ou de course. Par conséquent, on peut faire du vélo plus longtemps et donc brûler plus de calories.

Mais alors, combien de temps faire du vélo pour brûler un maximum de calories ?

Pour vous donner un ordre d’idée, en 1 heure de vélo, une femme d’environ 60 kilos brûle :

– 354 calories à allure lente (entre 16 et 19km/h)
– 472 calories à allure modérée (entre 19 et 22 km/h)
– 590 calories à allure vigoureuse (entre 22 et 25 km/h)
– 408 calories à allure de course (entre 25 et 30 km/h)

Même lors d’une sortie loisir, à moins de 16km/h, on brûle tout de même 236 calories en une heure.

À vous les ballades dans les champs de coquelicots et les sorties vélo en amoureux en chantant Charles Trenet « à bicycleeeeetteeee » !

  • Faire du vélo, c’est travailler le cardio.

On l’a dit et on le répète : travailler le cardio est idéal pour perdre du poids et éliminer les toxines, mais aussi pour développer l’endurance et muscler le coeur.

Or, le vélo, c’est cardio. Tout est dit.

Faire du vélo : d’autres avantages en bonus

  • On peut faire du vélo en visitant de beaux endroits.

Contrairement à une séance de natation, où le paysage se résume aux carreaux du fond de la piscine, ou à une séance de sport en salle, où on ne voit plus le jour, le vélo permet de profiter des paysages.

D’autant plus qu’à vélo, on parcourt des distances bien plus importantes qu’à pied ou en courant.

Un conseil : préparez vos circuits à l’avance, selon les distances que vous êtes prêtes à parcourir. Où qu’on vive en France, il y a forcément de jolies choses à voir autour de chez soi.

  • On peut faire du vélo tout le temps.

Avec le cyclisme, inutile de se demander combien de fois par semaine il faut faire du vélo, car on peut en faire TOUT LE TEMPS.

Rendez-vous chez une copine ce soir ? J’enfourche mon vélo ! Aller-retour quotidien au boulot ? J’enfourche mon vélo ! Idéal pour celles qui n’ont pas le temps de faire du sport régulièrement.

Pour celles qui ont besoin d’un planning sportif précis, néanmoins, il est conseillé de faire deux sorties vélo par semaine.

  • Faire du vélo pour se détendre.

Comme tous les sports, le vélo stimule la production d’endorphine, l’hormone du plaisir.

Faire une sortie vélo après le travail est le meilleur moyen d’allier l’effort physique au bien-être et à la détente.

Avec sa meilleure playlist sportive dans les oreilles, adieu les soucis et bonjour la bonne fatigue réparatrice.

Il ne reste plus qu’à choisir son vélo !


What to Do When You Feel Down about Yourself

when you feel down
Image by Pixabay

Let’s face it, you won’t always feel your best and on top of the world. There will be days your mood will drift and when you feel down about yourself. When this happens, it’s important to acknowledge the feeling and then work to improve your mental state.

The upside is that your emotions are temporary and this bad feeling won’t last forever. And the reality is that everyone feels down sometimes. Instead of getting even sadder though, it’s important to learn ways to pick yourself up again. Think of how much better you could feel if you put your mind to it and then let that motivate you to take action.

Connect with a Friend

What may help you the most when you feel down about yourself is to connect with someone who you enjoy being around. Go get coffee with this friend or see a funny movie and laugh together. It could also help if you talk about what’s bothering you with your partner; letting them in on your worries can open the door to their helping lift your spirits.

Work on Your Appearance

Did you know that you can start feeling better about yourself when you are more confident in your appearance? Now is a good time to start to set goals or find solutions to help enhance your presence. For example, join a gym and get toned or research cosmetic surgery doctors such as Dr. Ramiro Morales and figure out what services might interest you the most. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your emotional well-being and this may be the way you want to do so.

Take a Mental Health Day from Work

One reason you might feel down about yourself is that you’ve been working too hard and putting in long hours at the office. All you may need is a mental health day away from your daily responsibilities, so you can regroup. Use this time to relax in the comfort of home. Allow your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate. All you may require is some alone time to help boost your mood and make you feel more like yourself again.

feel down about yourself
Dinner out with friends can be a great way to improve your state of mind. Remember to smile 😉 Photo via Pixabay.

Plan a Fun Activity

Planning a fun activity to look forward to is also an option to lift yourself up when you feel down. Pick a day to go to the beach, head out on a bike ride or schedule dinner with friends. Notice how quickly you’re able to get to a better place mentally. It’s possible you’ve been under lot of stress lately and simply need to release some of the toxic energy that’s been affecting you.

When You Feel Down about Yourself: The Takeaway

It’s normal to feel down about yourself once in a while, so stay hopeful you can get out of your funk. Take advantage of one or more of these tips for what to do when you feel down and out of sorts. It’s likely you’ll be able to quickly turn your situation around and soon find more peace and happiness in your days.

Source:When woman inspire

How to Naturally Become a Better Version of Yourself


Do you want to become an even better version of yourself? If you spend most of your time feeling stress and frustration, you may feel like you’re wasting some of the best years of life. Instead of continuing to live in a way that you are not happy with, why not focus on making some changes to naturally become a better version of yourself? Once you become that better you, start feeling more satisfaction and you may even notice a lot more positive things happen around you.

Get Rid of a Lot of Stress in Your Life

Reducing the stress in your life is a great way to start to become a better version of yourself. Start by figuring out what causes you the most stress. There are certain things you may not be able to change, but there other stressors may be avoidable. For example, certain people may increase tension within you, as can a job. Thankfully, there are some healthy ways to cope with what’s going on around you.

Healthy ways to cope with stress include keeping a positive attitude despite challenges, learning to meditate, and taking time out of your day to do things you love. Choose fulfilling activities instead of dwelling so much on the things that stress you out a lot. You may feel lifted weight off your shoulders after meditating for at least 15-20 minutes each day.

Try Something New and Different

Think about trying something new and different. Doing so could change your attitude while improving your health. Numerous women and men are using Le-Vel Thrive. So, what exactly is it? It is a health product that contains organic ingredients, many of which are known as a natural source of energy. When using these products, you may feel refreshed and rested more often. This means you should be able to get more work done, stay productive, and feel even better at the end of the day.

There are a lot of people who do not know much about the Thrive Experience and how it works. The lifestyle plan was made with both women and men in mind. The product is supposed to make you feel better than you have in a long time. Once you start using Thrive, you may begin to feel like a better version of yourself as it becomes easier for you to focus on different tasks in front of you while feeling more energized instead of constantly tired and stressed.

Eliminate Negativity from Your Circle

Is there a lot of negativity within your inner circle of friends and family? If so, it may be time for you to eliminate that negativity, even if it means cutting certain people off. If someone in your life causes drama or gets you worked up, it may be best to love and care for them from afar. It is not worth your time or your energy to hold them closer, at least right now.

Do you have a partner who doesn’t support you or believe in the things you want to achieve? It may be time to consider having an honest discussion with them about how this impacts you.

Final Words on Being a Better Version of Yourself

If you want to become a naturally better version of yourself, focus on getting rid of the stress in your life, open your mind to new and different things, and try to remove negativity from your inner circle. Once you experience less stress, you are more likely to feel more energetic and can focus more on the things you enjoy in life. You can start feeling a lot better about yourself and environments around you. Perhaps you will live a healthier and happier lifestyle where you genuinely feel like you are an even better version of the person than before.

Source:When women inspire

Ibyo utagomba gukora igihe wifotozanya n’umukunzi wawe

Hari igihe iyo muri kwofotoza n’umukunzi mubikora uko mubonye,rimwe amafoto akaba meza,ubundi akaba mabi.Dore impamvu rero zibitera ni uko tuba twabikoze nabi akenshi tutanabizi.

Reka turebere hamwe ayo makosa:

pose 5

pose 1

pose 2

pose 3pose 4


Niba ubonye hari ikosa wajyaga ukora ubwo ubutaha ntibizongera ndizerako kandi hari icyo ukuyemo cyiza!Si ibi gusa tuzakomeza tubagezaho ubundi buryo butandukanye!